Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to install more than one version of

*How to install more than one version of*


2. insert the path and file to the setup OR browse to the location
3. add at the end (behind the setup.exe) " /a" and click OK
4. the setup program start
5. select the location where you want to install
6. start the the directory where you have install it.
When you install the with the option /a then you have NO
systemintegration. (no start menu entries and no file association)


1. open new shell
2. change to the directory where all the rpm packages are. (f.e.
3. f.e. you want to install the office into the directory
/home/user1/office then insert

rpm -vh --install --dbpath /home/user1/office/.rpm
--nodeps --prefix /home/user1/office/ openoffice*.rpm

after the rpm installation you can start the office from the path
When you install the office in this way you have no systemintegration
(no start menu entries and no file association)

Solaris and X86:

It's not possible to install more then one office at once.

*If the instructions above do not work, the you need to change your

1. Open the file bootstraprc(Linux)/bootstrap.ini(windows) in a editor.
2. Change the line UserInstallation=$SYSUSERCONFIG/.openoffice_english
into UserInstallation=$SYSUSERCONFIG/.openoffice_dutch or any other
directory you want.

Rafaella Braconi.

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