Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finally got debian sarge running on my box.

huh!!!.. it was really frustating to install debian without CD-ROM but during the course of installing it i gained a lot of insight in to the debian installation tricks. It's really true that the debian installer is sucking very hard and is not for the masses. The one who installs it need some kind of great patience of doing same stuff time and time again without fail.
Anyway thanks to Kartik Mistry for his instant support and gave a insight of installing through netinstall-iso. I did it through USB-ZIP since my CD-ROM is not detecting the CD written with netinstall-iso. And finally installed all the required packages through apt-get.
Now, i got a complete running debian sarge box with gnome-2.10 ready to explore more.
Now i can concentrate more on glade and Gtk.


Anonymous said...

I'm a beginner with c-gtk-glade, I have interested to this c-gtk-glade. Could you tell me where can I can find an example of GTK programming using GLADE

Thx for ur help


Manish said...

BTW, Debian now has one of the best installers around.