Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some footages of indicdevel meet day 1 and day 2

For the first time i have been to a meet of this nature where all the indic developers are sitting together for a common agenda of getting more and more work done for common cause of free software.
Earlier i had a thought that free/freedom software is a buzzword but here i came to conclusion that people are working and really working hard for the philosophy of free software.

Day 1:
It started with a opening talk of karunakar followed by gora's talk. Gora made it clear enough to have a finely chalked out issues to be discussed and the final deliverables after the meet.
After a short intro of the participants present here, we started as per our schedule.
started with input method(IIIMF, XKB , SCIM) by karunakar, gora and sunil mohan. It was nice to have a insight of these methods. As i think input method is one of the major hurdle in getting close to a huge user base. And we need to do something to ease it.

The issue of "mukt" and "muft" software is discussed with some heated exchanges and then i thought that again i got into a political meet and nothing will be coming out from here. But with some balanced wisdom of gora's intervention everything calmed down and people out here got onto their technical grooves. Anyway some people are still there who are dragging us to political mileage.
Well it is always there.
Some inputs from sunil and gora about conversion and keymaps was very valuable to carry on.
For the day one i bunked hands on session and been to one of my firend and enjoyed there a lot with him.
While people out here got into hacking session and developed a spell checker for OO1.1.4 using Hunspell. Gora and kartik did a Aspell in gujarati.

Day 2

The day started with Abhijit dutta and gora talk of locales and collations - glibc, CLDR.
After that we have a tutorial session of sunil and gora of charsets and code conversion form ASCII to Unicode.
Karunakar talked about the Testing framework of the indic supported software and showed some of he live examples. One of the example was of Font switch in OpenOffice.
Sayamindu talked about CVS, bugzilla and patching, his talk on CVS and patching was nice and worth learning but it was very superficial for the guy who didn't configured and administered the CVS server. Anyway i will try some other time and can learn those CVS gizmos.
After lunch we had a talk by kartik, subir and me, kartik talked about how to use translate tool for making openoffice GSI, i talked** about some do's and don't of openoffice pot translation. I have shared my experience of working with Telugu translator and people out here agreed to have a translation guidelines for openoffice. Subir talked about khmeros site info and pavel sites.
Then basanta and kartik talked about mozilla localization using mozilla translator.
And the day ends with a conclusive session by gora.

**this is for the first time i had talked in front of so many people and i was very stammering but at last i made it and had a nice time talking about the openoffice translation.
Anyway this is for the fun of knowing and sharing something. :-)),

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