Saturday, January 07, 2006

Useful tips from Ain Vagula for updating UI strings to newer version of OpenOffice.

Following steps are needed when migrating to UI strings with no duplicates:

- install updated toolkit

- generate sdf file from your existing translated or half-translated po-s with new toolkit
(to avoid english strings in untranslated entries)

- backup old po-s somewhere

- generate new set of po-files from just generated sdf-file for your language

- update generated po-files with latest pot-files. Now every duplicated string in
one file has unique identifier, but string itself is translated as it was in
your old po-file.

Note that:

- When you do not regenerate po files, all duplicate entries will be untranslated.

- When you use sdf file, generated with old toolkit, for regenerating,untranslated
entries will be filled with english strings

thanks Ain as these steps are working really fine for me :-)).

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