Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Configuring and building gnopernicus..

While building gnopernicus on fedora core3 i came through some of the errors of configuring it.
To the source directory of gnopernicus i typed the command $./configure, after some time it gave error that some of the packages like gconf2, gnome-mag, at , at-spi etc is not found.
To find the packages required for building, configure script is using $pkg-config. pkg-config command looks for the package information in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/package-name.pc files.
So if there is any package not found error with configure script, then we can look for it's corresponding .pc file in /usr/lib/pkgconfig directory. And if it's not there install the devel part of the package which is not found.
I installed gnome-mag-devel(for gnome-mag-1.0.pc) , at-spi-devel(for cspi-1.0.pc) and configured, it worked.
Next i did $make, completed without any error.
then $make install, which gave one error of not finding the path to put some xml and .schema files.
so i explicitly made the path as /usr/local/etc/gconf/ by creating a directory gconf in /usr/local/etc.
And finally $make install installed gnopernicus.
Which is working fine.

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