Saturday, July 16, 2005

Font Substitution in OOo 2.0

Here is a good suggestion from Joerg Barfuth

RKVS Raman wrote:

> 2) The second way is that we asked the user to copy the Common.xcu (
> File is attached) to
> C:\Documents and Settings\raman\Application
> Data\OpenOffice.org1.9.103\user\registry\data\org\openoffice\Office
> where 'C:\Document and Settings\raman' could be replaced by your home directory
> In this case the Font Substitution information already exist and is
> the 'Saab' font developed by u
> Please install Saab font before OOo installation.
> 3) The third way (and the best way) is to write a script which does
> this copying of Common.xcu

Still better would be to integrate this change into the shared
configuration. You can install your special Common.xcu using
'/program/unopkg add --shared Common.xcu' and the contained
settings will be available to all users. You may also try including this
directly into the installation package, so it is installed under
/share/registry. In either case the settings apply to all users

Before you do any of this, you should clean up the file, and remove the
settings that are outside of the FontSubstitution tag.

HTH, Joerg