Thursday, February 10, 2005

What is pot file in openoffice

# pot file is a file with ".pot" extensions.

# it is organized in similar fashion as compared to directory
hierarchy of original source.
suppose a file 'sw/source/ui/dialog/ascfdlg.src' is to be
merged with the target string then the pot file will look
like this 'sw/source/ui/dialog.pot', it means that all the
strings which is to be merged with the files of the dialog
directory is present in the 'dialog.pot' file.

# 'dialog.pot' file is having a "msgid" mapped to "msgstr"(target language)
and the name of the file to be merged with.
#: regionsw.src#FL_PROPERTIES_TEXT.#define.text
#: abstract.src#DLG_INSERT_ABSTRACT.FL_1.fixedline.text
#: ascfldlg.src#DLG_ASCII_FILTER.FL_1.fixedline.text
msgid "Properties"
msgstr ""

# it is useful and helpful for translation purpose not for merging to the source.

# after translation the complete pot files are converted into ".po" file
which is actually compatible with openoffice format for merging.

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