Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Debian 6 on VMware Workstation.

Debian 6 (squeeze) doesn't seems to work on vmware workstation 5.5.9. Debian6 installation fails to identify the hard disk and fails at disk partitioning with a fallback of drivers options for disk. I have tried some SCSI drivers listed there but still if fails to identify the disk. While creating virtual machine virtual disk type selected was other Linux, Linux with 2.6.x kernel, ubuntu 32 bit. It seems debian 6 might not work with 5.x.x version of vmware workstation. Any pointers if debian6 installation worked for anyone? I am trying with debian-

Upgraded VMware workstation to 7.1.4 and debian6 installation went ahead smoothly on virtual disk type Debian 5. Installation identified all the drivers including sound and usb, it was smooth without any tweaking.

Looking forward for an exciting experience with "squeeze".

cheers, make world open.

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