Saturday, March 07, 2009

Barcamp Bangalore - BCB8 @ Yahoo !!!

Live up the spirit of barcamp 8, get yourself involved.
Sessions are lined up with 5 tracks in place , we had an introduction session just concluded.
As usual one can see lots of people at session put area and we are all set for first session Brand You 2.0 by Altius consulting .

Session about Software Testing was electrifying. Thanks to Pradeep Soundararajan

Some of his thoughts.
- Software testing is a mental martial art.
- Difference between Monkey testing(without test case) and Guriella testing (more agressive).
- Motivate people for software testing.
- Fail in java/c++ . You land yourself in software testing as if you have been jailed.
- Most fakers in software testing.
- Learning testing through slides is not possible, one need to practice software testing.
His concern, can one learn driving a car by just mugging up 3000 slides but one can test software by seeing 3000 slides.
- Software testing is about improving quality is a myth. Software testing cannot improve quality. it is just identifying the problem and sometime solution.
- Most part of the software is invisible to software tester.
- Automation is testing one buggy software with another buggy software (Automation Tool)
- Test automation is faster is a myth. It is like comparing machine with a tester.
- Testing is boring..
- Not finding a bug is also a testing and test cases are valid.
- More you are trying to measure, more you are disturbing a system.
- Suggestion for freshers. Don't believe anyone. Always be skeptical, be Sherlock Homes and question every small change/things. Career decision has to be taken by you only not anyone.
Saifi Khan from Twincling advocated the open source development model and came up with numerous examples of open source projects. He talked about why/how projects get forked and ways by which one can save open source projects getting forked.

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Pradeep Soundararajan said...


Thanks for your mention about my session.

I am sure in that noise many people did not hear a couple of things properly and hence I want to offer some clarification on things you posted as what I shared:

Difference between Monkey testing(without test case) and Guriella testing (more agressive).

I said this is what I saw in one of Orkut software testing groups and a person had replied to such an answer saying, "Thanks". It indicates the sad and bad state of software testing in India.

Motivate people for software testing.

Lots of fresh college pass outs are being misguided by their seniors with half or less baked idea about testing and hence making the fresh generation feel fearful about software testing.

- Most fakers in software testing.

Precisely. The industry is working in such a way that it seems to be easy to fake. Thanks to the recession, the companies are throwing them out.

Fail in java/c++ . You land yourself in software testing as if you have been jailed.

Yeah, that's what an organization in India is following and to my surprise they are one of the largest IT Services company in India. The impression they give to freshers they hire is "Testing job is a punishment for you as you failed in Java"

- Testing is boring..

Ah! There is a context missing. Those who dont want to do testing and are forced to do testing are likely to feel it as a boring.

So, that doesn't mean it is boring. If people like me had to play cricket and the whole India had to watch such matches, cricket would have become boring. You see it is not cricket that is boring, it is the person who is doing it making others feel that it is boring.

Vijay Kumar said...

Thanks a lot Pradeep for all your clarification and detailed attention to the post.