Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Extracting mp3 from audio CD.

Some of the tools on Linux which can help in extracting audio CD's.


cdparanoia retrieves audio tracks from CDDA capable CDROM drives. The data can be saved to a file or directed to standard output in WAV, AIFF, AIFF-C or raw format. Most ATAPI, SCSI and several proprietary CDROM drive makes are supported; cdparanoia can determine if the target drive is CDDA capable.
In addition to simple reading, cdparanoia adds extra-robust data verification, synchronization, error handling and scratch reconstruction capability.

$cdparanoia -B -- 1-5
It will extract audios in wav format from track one to five. This is the best tool when one needs to extract CD which is worn out.

Sound Juicer:

Sound Juicer is a gtk based application and comes by default with gnome environment. By default sound juicer is not capable of extracting CD in mp3's format. In sound juicer preferences mp3 radio button is there but it will not work by default.
Sound Juicer uses the gstreamer framework as its backend. To enable extracting to mp3 we need to add mp3 encoding support to gstreamer. This is easily done by installing gstreamer-plugins-mp3 package from

$yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3

This will take care of all the necessary dependency for gstreamer-plugins-mp3 and install.

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