Sunday, April 30, 2006

Emotion matters...

Emotion matters in the world of technology and innovations. I am in close vicinity of many open source enthusiasts and evangelist. The emotion factor is really driving them and making way for their success.
I was really relentless to put emotions in my work but i got to know now... it is helping and making life more productive.
I had numerous opportunity to hear and talk to my CTO Murugan Pal founder of SpikeSource and serious opensource evangelist. I was really-really surprised to find great deal of emotion factor in his talks and works. I was forced to think million times that how can a person of his stature can be so emotional and at the same time great story of success. But it is there and things are really in shape for the man. One can easily identify the amount of emotion he puts in his talks and efforts.
Another great guy i came across is R.K.V.S Raman the underestimated scientist at C-DAC, Bangalore and again the emotion matters in his work and efforts. He really puts his heart out in every endeavors he indulges in and make himself available to the world in that crude fashion itself without any hiccups.
Conclusively i am shouting from the rooftop that emotion matters in innovation and efforts...

cheers, make world open.

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Anonymous said...

Well said buddy! Emotion, passion, love - these are the things that move the world forward.

Without any of them the world is just am empty routine place - make them part of ur life - and make life exciting for u and others.

- Subhash.