Thursday, March 16, 2006

SuSe 9.1 blues

Uhhhh... it is now becoming really frustating for me to work on SuSe. I am trying since a couple of days to figure out the problem in automount and still not able to get in to it.
I don't understand why this is a problem as it is working for fc3,rhel3,rhel4 and when it comes to SuSe it just stops responding.

Scenario is:

* NIS server is running on rhel4 and giving yp mappings.

* SuSe machine works for NIS authentication but doesn't switch to home directory as home directory is not automounted.

* I can see all the mapping from the SuSe machine with $ypcat -kt auto.home

* NIS and NFS server is working fine for all the other system except SuSe.

* I think the problem might be with the difference in flavors of Linux being used Server on rhel4 and client is on SuSe.

Well i am still struggling with it and will find the solution OR workaround.

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