Thursday, June 30, 2005

There is always an 'X.X......' at the end..

Got these lines form "Rahul Upakare" website.

MGPT is a battle.
You have to fight with grader.
Grader has two doors.
Doors are the main problems for you.
You have already got the information of both the doors.
Your job is to understand doors information completely.
Understand the structure of the door and implement the key to open the door.
The door lock may have 4/5 levers.
You have no idea how many levers are there and what is their structure.
But you can guess that from the information you have about the doors.
You have limited time and within that time you have to implement that key and try to open the door.
You will win if you manage to open the door within that specified time.

I don't have anything to say. I am still there and thinking of the same problem, solving in my mind with numerous combinations.
Yesterday i had a sound sleep otherwise i would have gone mad.
I am coming and someday i will.......

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