Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How to use old GSI for OO2.0

To use the old GSI we need to follow these steps.

- create PO files from 1.1.2(old) GSI
- create compendium from these PO files (Kbabel can do this for you)
- download 2.0 POT files and POT2PO script from
- use Kbabel or POEdit (or some similar program) and automatically
translate 2.0
PO files using the compendium with 100% match
- translate the rest that was not automatically translated
From our experiences numbers are something like:
- 2.0 PO has about 58000 strings
- after running Kbabel with compendium and 100% match, 36000 untranslated
strings left (32000 in helpcontent2, 4000 in the rest modules - I guess that
mostly in Base)
So, as many have already asked (like me ;-) for the localized OOo 2.0,
translation ver. 1.0 you can translate 4000 strings in the GUI and after that
get on helpcontent.

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